Radiant Heating Company

Radiant Heating Company has been installing and servicing hydronic radiant heating and snow melting systems in Park City, Salt Lake City, Utah County, and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years.  Our dedication and expertise in radiant heat is evident in every project and every service call.

We pride ourselves in paying attention to the last detail.  Not only do our systems run beautifully, but they look beautiful too.  With this simple design, our systems are easier to maintain and more efficient to run.

Imagine the comfort of stepping out of your shower onto the warm tile floor, or the joys of never having to shovel your driveway again.  Radiant heat is truly an affordable luxury, and we are confident that you will never go back to forced air again.

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What is Radiant Heating?

If you’ve ever felt the warmth of the sun, you’ve felt radiant heat.

Radiant heating is the transfer of radiant energy from a heat source to another object. With radiant heating, you aren’t heating the air in the room, as in conventional convection heating. You’re heating the objects in the room, including the people in it. Generally, the heat energy is emitted from the floor, but occasionally from walls or overhead panels.

Two Main Types of Radiant Heat


Hydronic (liquid) heating is the most common and most cost-effective type of heat in our market. Hydronic systems simply pump heated water/antifreeze through tubes laid out into patterns and zones underneath various flooring types. Zoning the hydronic systems allow for fine control of heat delivery.


Electric radiant heating consists of electric cables or mats built into the floor. These systems are great options if you need to add heat to a smaller space like a finished bathroom. However, natural gas as a heat source can be up to five times less expensive than electricity per BTU.