Our Work

Each project we work on is different and so are each of our systems. Precision and effort goes into designing each system so it meets the needs of our customers. Years of experience help us build a panel that will not only work well, but will also last, be easy to operate, and will look great. We want our customers to know that they are getting a quality product every time we install a radiant system.

Our work starts with the design process.  The specs of the project are used to determine boiler size, pumps, tube spacing, heat loss, zones, and all other aspects of the project’s design.  This design allows us to build a control panel specific to the project.  We build the panel in our shop rather than on-site which allows for a beautiful product.  It is important to us that our boiler rooms are bright and shiny rather than dull and dusty as are typical boiler rooms.

Once the panel is complete and on-site, all the on-site labor begins.  This involves running pipe and thermostat wire to each zone of the project, laying pex pipe into the flooring, connecting the boiler to the control panel as well as the water heater, charging the system with water or a glycol mixture, and finally getting the system up and running.  We are generally on the job site from the very beginning when the foundation is being poured, to the final touches when we install the thermostats in every zone.

Recent Work

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