Warm Floors

Radiant Heated Floors

Treat yourself to luxury. Radiant heating provides the most comfortable and constant temperature for your home. No other type of heat can keep your heat to the exact degree, without fluctuation. No more loud, dusty air ducts. The bathroom tile is always toasty as well as the bathtub and other fixtures in the room. Without all the vents, you are able to arrange your furniture however you like. Because of the different zones, you can heat each room differently. If you like your bathroom warmer, and your bedroom cooler, radiant heating makes that possible.

How Does It Work?

In a hydronic radiant heating system, your home is heated by running water through pex pipe inside of your floors.  When a room’s thermostat calls for more heat, it opens the zone valve assigned to that room and pumps heated water from the boiler up through the pex pipe into the room needing more heat. The water then circles back down to the boiler to be reheated and sent back to heat more rooms.  

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